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Here are a few ways I can help you 

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Personal Training

I offer 1 hour sessions 1-2-1 and focus on your goals listen to your needs and work with what works best for you.
Sessions will be suited to your needs.

Each session I will ask you how you feel and take that on board the more we work together the better I  will get to know you an your limits.
I will encourage, motivate and keep pushing you all the way through. We can vary sessions or have you progressing on the same workout (Goal dependant).
I will teach you about tempo and how we should be lifting weights make sure you are carrying out each exercise with the correct form.
We will reach your goal in a smart way. But have fun along the way 

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This is the bit that confuses a lot of people, 

let me makes this simple for you.

There are no bad foods certain foods do not make you fat....... too much does, 

and we all love food right so why should we miss out on our favourite things ....... well you don't have to. 

The key to a healthy diet is balance everything in moderation and reaching for your goals, its not a one size fits all that's why most diets don't work and you gain back everything you have lost and more.

You can make it as simple as you want or if you want to get a little deeper into this drop me an email Emma@fitandfabonline or getemzfit@gmail.com

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Online training and nutrition

Book a call with me we can work together online have my full support via whatsapp Monday-Friday 6am -6pm 

- Training plan supplied
- Nutrition specific to you 
- Tips
- Meal ideas
- Motivational support
- Accountability
- eat out guilt free
- achieve a lifestyle balance

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