10 common exercise mistakes

Updated: Feb 11

We all start somewhere and we all make mistakes

If you new to fitness you most likely think it needs to be an all or nothing approach

lets help you out with a few common things that can set you on the right path

Know your goal (its easy to do the wrong thing)

Knowing your goal you don't want to waste your time and don't forget your nutrition is key in any goal you have.

It will be hard to start but once you have you will be well on your way to your goal in no time

Rest and recover (your body will thank you)

Don't let your goals drive you crazy you do not need to work out every day, Your body will love the rest and recovery you give it. You do not want to burn out and become so sore that our performance in the gym suffers. It will allow you to progress with less injuries.

Warm up, cool down & Stretch

Get the body warm and the blood pumping before any workout jump on a machine for a few mins before you get started even activate the muscles in areas you will be working.

Post workout static stretching will get that heart rate back down and should reduce injury and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

Don't skip the weights section

Lift those weights you will build muscle, burn fat, strengthen your bones and joints, improve heart health and change your body shape.

Be consistent

Don't hop from one workout to another stick to the plan this gives the best results

remember your plan.

Fuel your body right

Training on an empty stomach isn't a great idea for some they just cant eat before but

fuelling yourself right will keep give you blood sugar energy you need to workout.

Post workout you should also refuel to allow your body to recover from the stress of the workout.

Sleep is important

Performance requires at least 6-8 hours of sleep it will energise you, Promote recovery and help muscle growth.

A bonus is that is also strengthens our immune systems and improves our mood.

Track your progress

This will tell you if you have improved in the gym or if your hitting your body goals

keeping track of the whole situation gives you accountability

Leave your comfort zone

We as humans love habit and love a routine whether that be good or bad its the truth

so when you first start out and your enjoying the routine you have

Your body adapts to this said routine and no longer finds it a challenge, you wil stop seeing progress.

This is when you know you need to leave that zone your in and get more intense.

Listen to your body

Always pay attention to how your body feels it will help with progression and make your workout so much more effective

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