The Importance of Water

Updated: Feb 11

Why you need it and what it does to your body. Our bodies are 60% water.

Getting you water in is super important most of us do not drink enough.

Never under estimate how powerful it can be.

- circulates oxygen and nutrients through your body

- it is crucial for good digestion of food

- Removes waste product from our bodies (prevents constipation & removes bacteria from you bladder)

- not having enough will cause dehydration, being hydrated helps with strength power and endurance

- Stabilizes your heartrate

- Protects organs and tissues

- Helps cushion the joints

- helps you focus, concentrate and be alert

- improves skin

Women should be getting at least 2.7 litres per day and Men 3.7 (including all liquids consumed)

Diet will make up 25% of the recommended intake

Individual need should be taken into consideration with things such as

- Exercise

- Your environment

- Overall health

Suck it up get it in

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