"Really cannot recommend this lady enough.

End of April I felt so low and my health was the poorest its ever been, mental health too.

I took the really hard step of contacting Emma feeling embarrassed that I had neglected my health so much. I feared Judgement like we all would.

One message from Emma and my mind was put at ease, there was no judgement, just understanding support and kind words, I'm now 8 weeks in and feeling amazing!! Weight down, Blood pressure down, resting heart rate down and Inches are down.

The nutrition advice is wonderful (even if it confused me at times) I'm always full and have so much more understanding. I have so much more energy too.

Emma is always there with her Kind words, encouragement and pushes me to work my hardest during my sessions.

I really can thank her enough, if thinking about getting support to be healthy she is definitely your girl"

Esta, 47


"I have been tarining with Emma for over a month now, I'm so happy with the results I am achieving.

Emma is an extremely knowledgeable lady, whether it is exercise or nutrition or both that you need help with she will support you on your journey.

If I'm ever having a down day she certainly picks me up and puts me back on track.

I feel like Emma can relate and understand my individual needs

Looking forward to more sessions with Emma"

Jade, 39


"Since Training with Emma I have become more confident in the gym, over a short period of time my strength and overall fitness has drastically improved and I feel better in myself.

Emma is encouraging and motivational and is very focused on her job

Thank for being so dedicated"

Jo 58


"Emma has been my PT since May, When we first met she instantly made me feel comfortable.

Every session is different - always trying new things and pushing me with encouragement to help me achieve my goals.

Not only does Emma help me with exercise but also gives great nutrition advice too.

In 6 weeks i have seen an increase in energy and strength.

Highly recommend booking in with Emma"

Dani, 34


"I absolutely love working out with Emma, She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.

Emma makes working out fun and makes the time go by so quickly. I love how I feel after every workout. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer"

Nitasha, 34


"Ive been a member at Puregym for a number of years now and mainly focused on classes, I met Emma in one of my Bodytone classes and loved her style of tarining. One day there were low attendees for a class and Emma offered a free PT session..... I was sold after that!!!!!

Emma took the time to listen to my needs and created  a plan that was realistic achievable and flexible.

I like that she pushes you to work harder and regularly checks you r nutrition as well as gives you hints and tips and products to buy.

ive never been a big fan of using the machines at the gym but Emma has constantly encouraged me and made me feel more confident.

I'm changing up my workout plan for the new year and Im looking forward to seeing ehat Emma creates"

Jas, 42


"Emma is a great hardworking trainer. She is so dedicated to helping each of her clients to fulfil their goals and she has so much knowledge and experience about training. She makes every session challenging and encourages me to push myself and try new things to ultimatley build my confidence and strength. Each work out is tailored to suit my abilities and goals and she teaches me more about form and tempo of which i'd have never known the importance of before, Ultimatley Emmas passion and commitment to her profession shows through her training and the support she gives to her clients is unmatched"

Grace, 22


I have been on various diets for the last 35 years and did not know which way to turn regarding my nutriton and exercise (nothing seemed to be working) A friend recommended Emma to me and she has helped me re-wire my thinking. I wasn't eating enough and didn't really know how to use the gym properly (years of joining and re-joining with no success). Emma has worked hard with me to improve my nutrition and I am now eating more than I ever have eaten , it has taken me time to re-adjsut to this and understand my body, which I am still working at but seeing results. Emma has also shown me how to use the gym equipment correctly which I have been doing now for 3 months and as well as really enjoying sessions i am feeling the benefits.

Emma has made this interesting for me and I enjoy going to the gym now rather than seeing it as a chore.

I have recommended Emma to 2 of my friends who are looking forward to their journey.

All I can say is thank you Emma for your support and encouragement.

Tracy, 52


I Cannot recommend Ems enough 5 months till i'm 50 and ive been in the worst shape i've ever been... I was unhappy with my body and not sleeping. Seeing how fantastic my friend was doing with Ems I decided to contact her  to help kick my but into gear . We initially had an hours chat on the phone, talking about life itself and habits. 6 weeks in i'm 8lb lighter and have lost an incredible 39 inches from my body.

I feel fitter, I am sleeping. I didn't think id fit the exercise but i'm smashing it and thats with working full time and having 3 kids.

If I can do it anyone can. I'm so thankful to Ems..... I m going to be fab at 50 ...and im not even hungry.